Clarity for Windows


Clarity for Windows
Data analysis simplified.

Clarity statistical software is an inexpensive version of AcaStat. Easily create data files or import data from spreadsheets or delimited text files. Clarity provides the same statistical procedures as AcaStat with fewer features and options.


$9.99 (USD)
Requires Windows 7 SP1 or later.


Analyze Module Statistics

Explore Data

Quickly summarize data.

Drag and drop variables into variable list boxes and click Calculate. Output is automatically sent to the Output tab for review, printing, and saving.


Format Data
Create and edit data files.

Create and edit data files with hundreds of variables. Set missing values and format up to 12 value labels. Use the Recode module to create new variables from ranges of values or compute/transform new variables.


View Output
Conventional statistical tables.

The Output Log displays the results of the analyses in a text window for editing, printing, and saving as a text file. Each time a statistical procedure is run, the results are automatically sent to the Output Log. Convert output to tab delimited format for pasting into spreadsheet software.


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