StatCalc for iPad
Summary data analysis.

StatCalc for iPad is a handy statistical calculator. Create and compare summary statistics, develop confidence intervals, and verify hand calculations. 


This is a recently updated version. The iPad app is a lighter version of StatCalc for Mac and Windows.

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  • Use as a handy statistics calculator
  • Conduct a quick statistical evaluation of summary data when the raw data is not available
  • Includes 18 statistical procedures
  • Graphic display of confidence intervals and significance test results
  • Easily create confidence intervals for means and proportions with graphic display of interval
  • Example Data Files for each procedure
  • Stat Guide provides interpretation examples

  • Frequencies of numerical and string data - count, percentages
  • Descriptives - count, sum, minimum, maximum, mean, median, range, population and sample variance and deviation, skewness, standard error, coefficient of variation
  • Weighted mean calculator
  • Standardized (Z) Score generator
  • Confidence interval for means and proportions
  • Chi-square Test of Independence and Goodness of Fit
  • One-way ANOVA
  • Z-test of proportions - 1 and 2 sample tests
  • T-test of means - 1 and 2 sample tests
  • Diagnostic accuracy - AUC, sensitivity, specificity, predictive values, likelihood, kappa
  • Distribution probabilities - Z, T, Chi-square and F distributions

Create Summary Statistics

Quickly summarize data.

Produce counts, percentages and measures of central tendency (mean, median) and variation (standard deviation, variance).


Statistical Tests
Compare summary data.

Easily conduct significance tests between means, proportions, and counts.


Statistical Assistance

StatCalc for iPad includes annotated output interpretation examples.


View Output
Conventional statistical tables.

The Output Log displays the results of the analyses in a text window. Each time a statistical procedure is run, the results are automatically sent to the Output Log.


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