StatCalc starts by displaying the Statistical Tools module. There are also tabs for the Decision Tools module and the Output Viewer. Use the Statistical Tools module to select and run statistical analyses. The output from all procedures, including the Decision Tools module, is automatically appended to the Output Viewer log. Data entry differs depending on the statistical procedure selected. Some procedures display a spreadsheet while others provide data entry boxes. Procedures that display a spreadsheet also allow copying, pasting, and saving data.


Data Manager Module

The Data Module is displayed by clicking the cube at the bottom right of the application or when a file is dragged into the spreadsheet. The Data Manager module contains two tabs: File Manager and Data Limit. File Manager allows the selection and opening of compatible data files (tab and comma delimited text files and AcaStat system files). Variable names from the first row of file will be displayed. Drag and drop these variables into the available analysis listboxes. The listbox format will change depending on the statistical procedure selected. Click “Load” to populate the spreadsheet. Data Manager will automatically close to display the statistical procedure. The imported data will be available for all compatible statistical procedures until the file is cleared from memory.


The Data Limit tab affects procedures that allow spreadsheet-like data entry. When importing data files larger that the default 200 observations, StatCalc will enlarge the spreadsheet to match the data. StatCalc operations will slow as the data limit is increased. When StatCalc is closed, it will reset to the default . For data entry larger than 200 observations, use the Data Limit module to change the spreadsheet size.


Output Viewer

The Output Viewer displays the results of the analysis in a text window for editing and printing. Each time a statistical procedure is run, the results are automatically sent to the output log. Notes can be added to the output before printing or saving. The Output Viewer can open output saved by StatCalc or AcaStat.

The Output Viewer uses a fixed font that ensures proper alignment of the tables (right click the output to view fixed font options) . When copying output to a word processor, the default font may not be fixed. This will result in tables that are out of alignment. To correct this, highlight the output in the word processor and change to a fixed font supported by your operating system. Common fixed fonts are Courier, Consolas, Menlo, and Monaco. The font size may also need to be reduced to ensure the output fits widthwise on one page.


Help Module

The Help Module displays links to an overview of application operations, help topics, a statistics glossary, and annotated statistical output.