Free Instructional Aids.

AcaStat Demo
The demo version of AcaStat allows the analysis of up to 100 observations without purchase. The current demo version does not expire, so students can use it indefinitely. The major limitation of the demo is that the summary statistics module is disabled.

Applied Statistics iBook
The free Applied Statistics iBook is an updated and expanded version of StatBook.  It provides a review of hypothesis testing and guides the interpretation of output generated by statistical software (also available in pdf).

Student Workbook
Provides instruction for using AcaStat or SPSS. Version 4 contains the solutions in the Appendix.

Education Site Licenses
Register free lab license for full version of AcaStat.

Practice Data Files
Download data files for use with AcaStat.


AcaStat Statistical Software — Designed by a statistics professor for students.

AcaStat is easy to use and includes a help module that explains how to run the statistical procedures and, for most analyses, annotated output is available to help student interpretation. A random sampling procedure can be used to test the central limit theorem. Example data files are available in a pull-down menu.

For purchased versions, AcaStat provides summary statistics modules that help students confirm hand calculations and experience the impact on statistical significance when changing effect size, variation, and sample size. There are graphic displays for confidence intervals and significance p-values.

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AcaStat Discount Option

Instructors can request a special course link for faculty and students when AcaStat is required for classroom instruction. A special link will be sent to the instructor that can be shared with students. The cost for each download is $9.99 instead of the retail price of $19.99. Send the link request to

If the cost is prohibitive for some students, they or their instructor can request a complimentary version of AcaStat by e-mailing