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Confidence Intervals and Significant Test for Slope Coefficients


Same general procedure as bivariate model.


CI=b1 +/- tcv(sb1)




n = sample size

k = number of independent variables

tcv = critical value from the t sampling distribution


df= n-k-1     df=5-2-1

alpha .05, 2-tailed, df=2                       tcv, = 4.303


CI = 2.900 +/- 4.303(.490)


There is a probability of .95 that the slope of education in the population is between .800 and 5 or $800 and $5,000.




Significance Tests  (2-tailed)


Education:             (significant; tb1 > tcv of 4.303)


Experience:            (not significant; tb2 < tcv of 4.303)





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