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Summary data analysis.

Use StatCalc to create and compare summary statistics, develop confidence intervals, and verify hand calculations.  StatCalc also allows the use of a limited data spreadsheet to produce frequency, descriptive, correlation, and regression statistics. Before purchasing, compare StatCalc to the features available in AcaStat. AcaStat provides more advanced analytical and data manipulation options and also includes a SumStat module that offers most of the summary statistic procedures available in StatCalc.

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$9.99 (USD)
The Mac version may be purchased through this site or from the Mac App Store.
Requires Windows Vista or later — Mac OS X 10.7 or later.
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Create Summary Statistics
Quickly summarize data.

Produce counts, percentages and measures of central tendency (mean, median) and variation (standard deviation, variance).

StatCalc Frequencies

StatCalc Descriptives

Statistical Tests

Compare summary data.

Easily conduct significance tests between means, proportions, and counts.

StatCalc T-Test

File Manager Panel
Import data.

The File Manager Panel allows the import of tab or comma delimited data files or AcaStat system files. Select variables from a list and then load them into the statistical procedure.

StatCalc Data Manager

Stat Guide
Help interpreting statistical output.

The Stat Guide displays an example of annotated output for each statistical procedure. Key aspects of the output are highlighted and interpreted.

StatCalc Stat Guide

Decision Tools
Introduction to management science.

Four simple tools introduce basic management science — decision making informed with quantifiable measures. Includes a decision table, constant dollar calculator, elasticity of demand, and queuing theory.

StatCalc Decision Tools

View Output
Conventional statistical tables.

The Output Log displays the results of the analyses in a text window for editing, printing, and saving as a text file. Each time a statistical procedure is run, the results are automatically sent to the Output Log.

StatCalc Output

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