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StatCalc for iPad
Summary data analysis for your tablet.

StatCalc for iPad contains many of the summary statistical procedures provided in the StatCalc desktop app. Compare counts, proportions, and means. Develop confidence intervals, explore common statistical tests, and verify hand calculations. Works best in portrait view on iPad.

$4.99 Available from the Mac App Store.


  • User Manual
  • Use as a handy statistics calculator
  • Includes 18 statistical procedures
  • A Statistics Guide is provided for each statistical procedure
  • Conduct a quick statistical evaluation of summary data when the raw data is not available
  • Easily create confidence intervals for means and proportions
  • A graphic display is provided to help visualize changes in confidence intervals and significance tests
  • Includes example data for each module to help you quickly learn the procedures
  • Output is stored in an output log to view and e-mail the results
  • P-value Calculator
  • Create common contingency table cell percentages from chi-square counts

Statistical Procedures
  • Frequencies - relative frequency table, chi-square goodness of fit, pareto sort
  • Descriptives - count, sum, minimum, maximum, mean, median, range, population and sample variance and deviation, skewness, standard error, coefficient of variation, histogram chart
  • Weighted mean calculator - up to 8 means
  • Standardized (Z) Score generator
  • Confidence interval for means with adjustable confidence levels
  • Confidence interval for proportions with adjustable confidence levels and conversion from proportions to percent
  • Diagnostic accuracy for 2x2 table - sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values, positive and negative likelihood ratios
  • Chi-square Test of Independence - convert counts to row, column, and total percentages;  up to a 3x3 table; includes Fisher Exact for 2x2 table
  • Chi-square Goodness of Fit - 1 to 8 categories
  • One-way ANOVA - 2 to 4 categories
  • Z-test of proportions - 1 and 2 sample tests
  • T-test of means - 1 and 2 sample tests (with homogeneity of variance test)
  • Distribution probabilities - Z, T, Chi-square and F distributions
  • Calculator